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zo 25th feb
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Starfinder, Starfinder Society, Dataphiles

Character levels 1-4

Written by Jenny Jarzabski Cary

When Historia-7, the leader of the Dataphiles faction, uncovers the first hints of a conspiracy operating against the Starfinder Society, the PCs must assist her in uncovering the truth. Sent to a corporate space station orbiting the Pact Worlds' sun, the PCs must earn favor with the hedonist son of a corporate CEO to gain access to the confidential files Historia-7 needs. However, the PCs are stuck in the middle when this corrupt dilettante's proclivities and shady associations emerge to thwart the Starfinders' covert infiltration.

Content in The Solar Sortie also contributes to the ongoing goals of the Dataphiles faction.

Released December 2017.
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Spel en Meer, Dorpsstraat 163A, Zoetermeer, ZH, NL 2712AH
wo 28th feb
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Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society

Character levels 1-5

Written by Brian Duckwitz

When members of the Shoanti Axe Clan saw fire shooting up into the sky over Varisia’s Caliphak Mountains, they rushed to investigate. They found a pair of doors inscribed with runes from ancient Thassilon, along with clear signs that the doors had recently been opened. In recognition of the Axe Clan’s expanding alliances, the Shoanti offered both the Society and a priest of Soralyon from Riddleport the opportunity to explore the ruin and neutralize its dangers. Now that the priest has vanished within the complex, the PCs must uncover the ruin’s history before the Shoanti lose faith in them and take matters into their own hands.
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Leidsekade (Utrecht), Leidsekade 117, Utrecht, UT, NL 3531 HD