Pathfinder Society nederland maakt gebruik van Warhorn om evenementen en sessies aan te kondigen. Op Warhorn kan je inschrijven op nieuwe sessies zodat de GMs weten wie ze kunnen verwachten en spelers een duidelijk overzicht hebben van de locaties van sessies. Hou de Warhorn site in de gaten voor nieuwe sessies! Als je uitleg zoekt over hoe Warhorn werkt, ga dan naar onze 'Hoe werkt Warhorn?' pagina.

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Aanstaande sessies

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Sun 29th Nov
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Starfinder, Starfinder Society, Faction (Acquisitives)

Character levels 3-6

Written by Jessica Catalan

Seeking to ingratiate themselves with the Veskarium, the Starfinder Society sends a team of agents along with an influential vesk Brigadier on a hunt into the subterranean caverns of Vesk-3. As the Veskarium officer seeks to discover "the big one" of the planet's dangerous stridermander population, the PCs must protect their charge while also uncovering hidden truths about a skittermander group that dwelt in the same caves they now search.

Released June 2020.
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Spel & Dans, Thorbeckelaan 5, Zeist, UT, NL 3705 KJ
Wed 2nd Dec
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Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Pathfinder Society (2nd edition)

We will select an adventure to cater to the players who are available to play at the location and time. We will make sure the players who've signed up won't have played it before.

Please make sure you have updated the scenario session tracker:
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