Service Agreement Tcs Filled Sample

This approval made in Mumbai this first day (_)Day of 2 (____ two thousand and 3 (________) between the tata advisory service, sir, I have a question about nca. on the first paragraph of the last line instead of "...... the filing of BGC documents at TCSL "I have the line on stamp paper".... the filing of BGC documents printed at TCS", i.e. TCS instead of TCSL, i.e. the absence of it is only there elsewhere in the whole nca I only printed TCSL. So I have to repeat the agreement? Please respond urgently, as my membership date is only one week away. Thank you in advance. Sir my father is my guarantor, but he has another name on his Pan card (K N Prasad) and the form it-Retrn (K Nagendra Prasad), but the sign is the same on PAN and on the service agreement. Is it a problem that the extension of the name and all the others are good enough? Where can I find the format for the medical certificate and service contract and warranty review form? Yes, there are invoices, but they have my friend`s name. Again, useless. Can I receive an affidavit that I slept at my friend`s house and had it signed by the owner of the house and attach the lease (which is in my friend`s name).

Man, this proof of address drives me crazy. Please propose something. Another question: how do I print the service contract? Back-to-back or each page on a separate short/half paper? Hello, sir, if I receive the signature of the tesildar service contract. Do I want to attach myself to form16 with this agreement? In my service contract, I typed all the contents instead of writing with a pen. is to create any problem@chennai TCS. Thank you zim for the information so useful. I have a question. Two of my friends and I lived together renting in Jaipur for about a year. The lease agreement has been concluded.

But the document we made had my friend`s name. (not mine) Can I use Whitner in the service contract? Thanks in advance How many days before can I prepare the service contract from the ILP? TCS format indicates that the stamp paper should have exactly the number of lines as in the service contract document. During my ILP, a man`s service contract was denied because he printed more than the number of lines indicated. Do not be nervous and strictly follow the format that 🙂 Hey Admin in fact I received a service contract sign certified by the manager of the nationalized bank, but the problem is that I receive other proof from Thasildar. Is it okay or do I need to be certified by the manager? Please make sure....

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