Sample Forex Trading Agreement

In order to request full or partial repayment of funds by sending the payment request form to AssetsFx, provided that all of the client`s trading positions are closed and That AssetsFx has deducted all costs due under the agreement. The customer expressly authorizes AssetsFx to close vacancies in his account after receiving such a request for payment. The customer is responsible for receiving the payment request by AssetsFx (z.B by live support or email). 18.1 We may amend any provision of the trade agreement 18.2 We will notify you in writing at least 2 months before the amendment of the commercial contract. It is assumed that you have accepted such a change if you do not tell us otherwise before the effective date of such a change. However, if you decide not to make such an amendment, our notice of amendment will be deemed to terminate the trade agreement and our agreement, in accordance with the trade agreement, will end the day before an amendment comes into effect. 18.3 Our commercial contract continues until termination in accordance with this clause. 18.4 You can terminate our contract at any time. We do not charge a fee for terminating our contract as part of the trade agreement. 18.5 We can terminate our contract by communicating to you in writing for at least 2 months.

Such a termination does not absolve you of any liability for the amounts liability against us or prior liability for an act we received in accordance with the instructions. To provide the customer with transaction billing and managed business commitment on their behalf. AssetsFx`s business is based on the fact that it acts as an intermediary between the customer (buyer or seller) and the counterparty on a compensation basis, arranging an ECN/STP link with MT4 in the counterparty trading system. Any profit or loss resulting from market fluctuations is solely attributable to the customer and risk; Any bargaining order is considered to be an instruction from the client to the consideration as to how to execute the mandate under point 2.1 and not as a new independent mandate. The client recognizes, recognizes and understands that trade and investment in foreign currency transactions: I confirm that the data transmitted is correct; - the undersigned is fully aware of the consequences of transmitting false data; - the assets that make up the trading portfolio have been acquired legally; - the undersigned declares that the origin of the asset does not concern money laundering and/or terrorist activities. If you are an individual and you ask, with one or more other people, the use of our services (a "common account"), is responsible for any person mentioned on the application form (a "common account customer") with respect to us with respect to any of your commitments under this commercial contract, and we may ask each of you to request all or one of the conditions (including reimbursement of losses, fees or interest payable) imposed by all customers of a joint account related to this commercial contract. We may take action against a customer with a joint account, or release or compromise the liability of a client from the common account, or grant time or other leniency to that client with a joint account without infringing the liability of another client of the common account. Any customer with the common account is authorized to give us (unrestricted) instructions of any kind, including (without restriction) to place an order, demand payment, enter into a contract, receive payments, receive or receive notifications, receive statements or receivables, sign documents or agreements and act in any way in connection with that commercial contract.

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