Nbpower Collective Agreement

Ross Galbraith, a spokesman for Local 37 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said he had tried to get details of the preliminary agreement for two weeks, but no one provided any. "The agreement says collective agreements are respected, but respect is not a word that has a lot of legal meaning," Pink said. Union lawyer Ron Pink says there is nothing in the agreement that can legally guarantee compliance with existing collective agreements. "When skills and qualifications are equal, it is the service that governs. If the skills and qualifications are the same and the service is the same, other relevant factors are taken into account (non-service time, orders from previous actors, former experience, opportunity time, student time, etc.), according to Article 17.06 of the agreement. "I`ve had three different debates with three different ministers and none of them know what`s in the agreement," Volpe said. "I have no doubt about Harris` sincerity when she said that leadership is what led her to choose Lapointe for the position. She never questioned the fact that (Robichaud) had the same skills and qualifications as Lapointe and that he might have been able to do the superior`s job. However, it was caught in a dilemma and had to decide, after a rigorous selection procedure, which of the two candidates who were related must be maintained. Harris, as the employer`s representative, exercised management`s discretion, as required in section 3.01 of the collective agreement, without discrimination or bias, and took into account a relevant factor that led to Lapointe`s selection for the position. "Who knows what`s in the agreement?" It`s scary. Conservative energy critic Jeannot Volpe accused the Liberal government of not knowing the agreement it signed. On February 28, Robichaud and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 37, saddened the decision and accused the employer of violating section 17.06 of the collective agreement.

"There is no guarantee, no obligation, no promise that collective agreements will be transferred in all respects." Robichaud had a lot of experience overseeing NB Power and other jobs, so he should have taken more account of it, he said. In addition, between 2001 and 2005, he had more experience in the Belledune camp, which was more than Lapointe, and had more than two years of experience with NB Power`s field and installation operations, which Lapointe did not do. FREDERICTON - The proposed sale of the New Brunswick energy company to Hydro-Qu├ębec is teeming with questions about labour relations and job security, the union representing more than 2,200 NB Power employees said Friday. Reference: NB Power and Canadian Office and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 37. Michel Doucet , referee. Clarence Bennett for employer. Brenda Comeau for the employee. June 12, 2019. 2019 CarswellNB 245 But Premier Shawn Graham took the deal as a blessing for the New Brunswickers by saying he would free the province from a major financial albatross, freeze electricity prices for residents and cut them for industrial customers.

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