Most Seek Relief From Property Lease Licence Agreements

32. As a general rule, the handing over of the property tax must be passed on until July 2020 and December 2020. However, the lease waiver applies to qualified commercial real estate for the April-July 2020 period and other non-residential properties from April to May 2020. How can homeowners reconcile these obligations? With the new rent reduction framework, do landowners still have to pass on the property tax cut for the year 2020? This new duty applies to the provision of hot and cold foodstuffs for consumption outside the premises and applies for a temporary period from 24 March 2020 to 23 March 2021. This condition is that the local planning authority must be notified and that the property must return to its legal use prior to the end of the deadline. The exercise of this new right may be excluded by a planning condition that has an impact on the ground. A screening should be conducted to reduce the risk of planning implementation. This point has already been raised, but it must be repeated: the law applies only to tenants and licensees of commercial real estate - it does not apply to residential property. The fact is that the pandemic poses particular problems for commercial tenants and licensees. Many companies, including retail, entertainment and hotels and restaurants, had to virtually close their doors during the first phase of the breaker circuit; Even conventional companies have had to virtually abandon their offices because employees have been and will be pushed to work from home. In the meantime, landlords are expanding and collecting rent or planning their remediation strategy for the date on which, if the prescribed time limit expires.

(Owners whose real estate is pledged are protected from application by Section 5) Nevertheless, the new regulations certainly pose problems for owners and it was pointed out above that there was some uncertainty as to what exactly an owner`s rights are during the prescribed time frame. Owners should be careful not to act in a hurry without seeking legal advice. Many international and national work contracts contain force majeure clauses to provide assistance in these circumstances. A force majeure clause is intended to avoid the legal and commercial uncertainty of events that would otherwise adversely affect the performance of the contract and which were not taken into account when the parties entered into the contract. If these conditions are met, the lessor`s mortgage cannot take legal action against the lessor or its guarantees, nor can it claim its guarantee on the mortgaged property.

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