Investment Advisory Agreement Meaning

Customer Communication: Customer acknowledges that the value and usefulness of the services provided by BrightPlan depends on the information provided by Customer through BrightPlan`s website and/or mobile application, as well as on the Client`s active participation in formulating the Investment Profile and Plan. Customer ensures and warrants that the financial and other information provided to BrightPlan is accurate, correct, and complete in good conscience. Customer authorizes BrightPlan to rely exclusively on information provided by Customer through The BrightPlan Website or Mobile Application and agrees that BrightPlan is not required to independently verify information received from Customer or its representatives. Client agrees to immediately notify BrightPlan of any changes to Client`s investment profile, including financial situation, investment objectives or other factors that may be important to BrightPlan in providing the Services by updating the Client`s investment profile on the Site. Customer authorizes BrightPlan to provide Customer with personal financial information, quarterly audits and reports, newsletters, disclosure materials and similar information and other necessary communications, notifications and information by email, through the BrightPlan website and/or mobile app. For example, investment advisors must ensure that clients` transactions take precedence over their own and that all recommendations addressed to clients are well adapted to the needs, preferences and financial circumstances of those clients. Investment advisors should also take care to avoid real or suspected conflicts of interest. An investment advisory contract describes the conditions under which you use the services of a financial advisor. This agreement should be some sort of plan for you as a client, as it defines both what the financial advisor is going to do for you, for example.B. providing general advice or recommending certain investment moves for your portfolio, as well as your responsibilities. Market risk: the client acknowledges that investments are subject to different market, currency, economic, political and commercial risks and that investments are not always profitable.

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